WonderLife (2013)


CYANIDE (2015)

Firefly (2013)

Caged Now Free (2014)

Always Sometimes (2011)


Schwa of WonderLife has been writing and producing original music for twenty-five years. Genres range from dream pop, alternative rock,, spacerock, electronica, acoustica, ambient, trip-hop, rap, and indie rock. Schwa plays acoustic, electric and bass guitars, piano, synthesizers, soft synths, mandolin, hammered and lap dulcimers, cello, drums, harmonica, et al.
Schwa writes, performs, records, produces, mixes and masters all original music. He performs all instruments and vocals. He also shoots and produces music videos solo.

WonderLife's music is always graced by the dreamy featured vocals of Connie Lee. She has also authored two tracks on CYANIDE

(Dear Father and World's Apart).

  • CYANIDE  re-released! Listen for free in the audio player. Scroll down in player to view/play all songs.
  • BROKEDOWN CITIES: The one of a kind album, over a year in the making, is a synchronous blend of trip hop, rap, edm, dubstep, acoustic, orchestral, and progressive pop. Release is targeted by end of 2017!
  • Stay tuned for the first album by DEAR ANCHORAGE, a Connie Lee and Schwa joint! More info to come.
  • Listen to all WonderLife albums for free on the LISTEN page! All albums are being remastered for worldwide digital and physical distribution. Patience...we have a lot of exciting projects underway :)

"art, like life, is full of risk, and it's beautiful".